Posted: May 23, 2012



Year: 1998

Place: Canterbury

Duration: July 6 - 12

Organizer: University of Kent, Canterbury

Subject: Theatre and Theatre Research: Exploring the Limits

Category: 13th World Congress of the IFTR / XIIIème Congrès mondial de la FIRT


Year: 1997

Place: Puebla

Duration: June 23 - 28

Organizer: University of the Americas-Puebla / Université de las Americas-Puebla

Subject: Theatres and Cultures in the World, Theories and practices in today's theatre

Category: FIRT / IFTR Annual Conference


Year: 1996

Place: Tel Aviv

Duration: June 16 - 21

Organizer: Tel Aviv University, Department of Theatre Studies

Subject: Theatre and Holy Scriptures: Ritual and Mythological Dimensions

Category: FIRT / IFTR Annual Conference


Year: 1995

Place: Montréal

Duration: May 21 - 27

Organizer: Université du Québec à Montréal, Département de théâtre

Subject: Actor, actress on stage - body, acting technique, voice

Category: FIRT / IFTR Annual Conference


Year: 1994

Place: Moscow

Duration: June 6 - 13

Subject: Performance Past and Present: Current Trends in Theatre Research

Category: 12th World Congress of the IFTR / XIIème Congrès mondial de la FIRT


Year: 1993

Place: Helsinki

Duration: August 19 - 21

Organizer: University of Helsinki

Subject: Performance Analysis

Category: Symposium


Year: 1992

Place: Dublin

Duration: September 29 - October 3

Organizer: Trinity College

Subject: Cultural Politics and the Theatre

Category: FIRT / IFTR Professors' Conference


Year: 1991

Place: Venice

Duration: November 4 - 7

Organizer: stituto internazionale per la Ricerca teatrale

Subject: Theatre Iconography

Category: World Symposium


Year: 1991

Place: Prague

Duration: September 27 - 30

Subject: Don Juan and Faust in the 20th Century

Category: Conference


Year: 1990

Place: Glasgow

Duration: August 29 - September 2

Organizer: University of Glasgow

Subject: Small is beautiful

Category: Professor's Conference