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Intermediality in Theatre and Performance

This group examines theatre and performance in the context of other media from an intermedial perspective. Working from a starting point that theatre provides a staging space for intermedial performances, the group examines the proliferation of texts, medial spaces and intermedial relationships created when the live medium of theatre/performance intersects with other media. We are particularly interested in performance in relation to digital culture and digital technology.

Members of the group bring to meetings examples of innovative intermedial performances, which might help to assess the impact of, for example, digital technology on theatre practice; or ideas about the trend in contemporary performances towards a blurring of the apparently clear-cut boundaries between media. Theatre and performance are our starting point, but from there we move out to consider other art forms and media. We discuss the phenomenon of intermedial performance in theory and practice, and its impact on theatre practice and learning.

Work plan

The group's main activities going forward are to organize the symposium "Media, Politics, Performance" in Athens, 5-6 May 2014 (see attached Call for Papers), to program the Intermediality panels at the 2014 IFTR/FIRT World Coingress in Warwick, and to complete the work on its third book project, Playing Intermediality (working title).


Sarah Bay-Cheng, Chiel Kattenbelt, Andy Lavender and Robin Nelson (eds.), Mapping Intermediality and Performance, Amsterdam University Press, 2010, 125-134. ISBN 978 90 8964 255 4

Open access:

Beyond its original presentation that ... weaves a vivid conceptual network between the different articles, this major publication on new media performance gives a thorough analysis and immensely useful hermeneutic tools to approach intermediality.

Liza Kharoubi, Theatre Research International, 36:3 (2011), 299

Chapple, Freda and Chiel Kattenbelt (eds.), Intermediality in Theatre and Performance. Amsterdam / New York: Rodopi, 2006, 266 pp. (Themes in Theatre 2).

A new working group publication Playing Intermediality is currently underway with a proposed publication date in 2014. A small editorial team of three members is steering this work, with contributions from a larger number of members.


Aneta Mancewicz, University of Bedfordshire,

Ralf Remshardt, University of Florida,


Next meeting: IFTR world congress, Warwick, 2014

Last meeting:IFTR conference, Barcelona, 2013.