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Abstracts may be submitted until 15th January, 2014 CFP for download  twitter for IFTR scenography @scenographyiftr

The Scenography Working Group (SWG) is seeking proposals that will respond to the conference theme, Theatre and Stratificationfrom a perspective that specifically addresses design for performance (in all of its theatrical forms, not only for theatre but also including dance, puppet and object theatre, installation and performance art, multi-media, digital practices, etc. and for events which might be staged well beyond conventional theatre buildings.)

This meeting of the Scenography Working Group is an opportunity to reassess the stratifications that underpin our discipline: to take core samples and to examine the breach between theatre design and scenography (Irwin in Hannah & Harsløf, 2008:42) and to look once again into the abyss (Aronson, 2005).

The conference call suggests that: ‘To speak of stratification, however, is not merely to speak of layers and layering’

How is scenography stratified?

As a discipline it has been a shifting landscape of tectonic plates: “For several years scenic art has been on a path of evolution. [New forms] have violently shifted the earlier boundaries” (Appia, 1904)

  • What are our discipline’s subduction zones and surface ruptures?
  • What are the past tectonic processes and current seismic shifts?
  • How might we think of stratification in relation to composition?
  • What are the scenographic processes and forces at play?
  • How does the layering of stage space and the performers’ bodies make meaning?

Contributions might include (but are not be restricted to) aspects such as

  • Layering of costume
  • Masking and unmasking
  • Layering of audience experience and spectatorship
  • Levels of immersion
  • Layering of place and space – in site-specific performance practice for example
  • Materiality of performance
  • Layering of technologies – both ancient and contemporary
  • Layers of meaning making
  • Creative processes
  • Hierarchies of production and their impact on scenography
  • How do the histories of performance design underpin contemporary practices?
  • How might we excavate these layers and look once again into the abyss?
  • What are the new scenographic landscapes?

Papers presented as part of the working group’s proceedings will have the opportunity of inclusion in a new peer-reviewed publication focused exclusively on scenography.

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