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African and Caribbean Theatre and Performance

The African and Caribbean Theatre and Performance working group seeks to facilitate and maintain scholarly discourse on the theatre forms and traditions of Africa and the Caribbean by fostering both independent and collaborative research in the fields. One of our major interests as a group is to explore the unique theoretical and methodological challenges posed by the particular circumstances and practices existing in Africa, the Caribbean, and their respective Diasporas; with their vast diversity of peoples, languages and cultures.

The working group aims to explore vocabularies and approaches to African and Caribbean theatre research, and to critically appraise their dominant representations in international theatre discourse. We equally seek to facilitate a constructive comparative conversation across African and Caribbean cultures, as well as between African cultures, Caribbean cultures and cultures of the rest of the world. The group will continue to seek ways to help negotiate the difficulties experienced by African and Caribbean theatre scholars in attending international conferences and disseminating their research internationally.

The working group operates through an expanded list of conveners; four members who take turns in two's to convene its meetings. Members that make up the current pool of conveners are Kene Igweonu (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK); C. M. Harclyde Walcott (University of the West Indies, Barbados); Jeleel Ojuade (University of Ilorin, Nigeria); and David Donkor (Texas A&M University, USA). The group particularly welcomes new members from the Caribbean and those from elsewhere, with an interest in the fields of African and/or Caribbean theatre and performance.


Trends in Twenty-First Century African Theatre and Performance (Rodopi, 2011)

Proposed projects:

The exploration of the publication of scholarly research in reputable academic journals and edited volumes remains a priority pursuit of the working group. To this end the group will work to encourage and facilitate collaboration on both research and joint article publication among its members, with more experienced scholars supporting junior colleagues through the process.

It is also anticipated that the forthcoming IFTR Conference in Barcelona (21-26 July 2013) would provide the opportunity to inaugurate a second publication project on the theme of 'Memory, Manifestations, and Imagined Futures'.

Convenors for the forthcoming conference:

C. M. Harclyde Walcott (

University of the West Indies, Barbados

Kene Igweonu (

Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

Next Meeting:
IFTR Conference in Barcelona, Spain (21-26 July 2013).

Previous Meetings (IFTR Conferences):
Santiago, Chile (2012); Osaka, Japan (2011); Munich, Germany (2010); Lisbon, Portugal (2009); Seoul, South Korea (2008); Stellenbosch, South Africa (2007).

Additional Meetings:
Ilorin, Nigeria (April 2011); Stellenbosch, South Africa (April 2010); UCLA, Berkeley, USA (Sept. 2008); Legon, Ghana (March 2008).