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Political Performances

The Political Performances Working Group is concerned with all aspects of political representation involved in theatre and performance. It addresses issues ranging from theory to practice, from historical accounts to current evaluations of related phenomena, from local and regional performances to universal meanings and forms of the political representation in the live performance, from feminism and post colonialism to social and community work, from topics such education and therapy to propaganda and censorship.


Work Plan

The working group has been holding its sessions at least once a year since it formed in 2003. It is regularly convened within the annual conferences of IFTR, and occasionally holds an extra meeting at another time of year. Papers of 15 minutes are presented accompanied by discussions of 25-30 minutes. As far as possible, draft papers are distributed to members of the group beforehand, to allow for a better discussion. Abstracts are distributed during the sessions to allow occasional auditors (who are always welcome) to follow the conversations and possibly respond. Since the Group was comprised at its very first meeting of both theatre scholars and practitioners, a special emphasis is given to performance presentations, films and visual material during the sessions. The Political Performances working group attempts common sessions with other working groups operating under the auspices of IFTR meetings and will increase the frequency of such shared sessions in the future. It will also set panels to bring some of its focus issues to the program of the general assembly.



Political Performances: Theory and Practice, edited by Susan Haedicke, Deirdre Heddon, Avraham Oz and E.J. Westlake. New York and Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2009 (more details).



Professor Avraham Oz, Department of Hebrew and Comparative Literature

University of Haifa, Israel:

Next meeting: TBC.

Last meetings: July 2010, Munich, during the IFTR World Congress, Lisbon 2009, Seoul 2008 and also January 2007, where the group held a special meeting in Jaipur, India, hosted by ISTR.