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Queer Futures

This new working group directs its focus at queer performance in the broadest sense, and the range of theories that open up ways for us to analyse it. We would like to start a new dialogue about the place of queer performance in contemporary culture and address this through ideas such as intersectionality, affect theories, historiography, as well as recent gender and queer theories. We are interested in all sorts of performance: live art/performance art, cultural performance, theatres.

  • We understand "queer" foremost as an active, practical term, with evocative possibilities for stimulating collaboration and reflection within the context of a working group.
  • We are interested in exploring issues such as AIDS performance; queer fan bases, from community theatre to Broadway; cultural performances such as Pride marches and same-sex marriages/partnership ceremonies; queer themes and aesthetics in historial and contemporary theatre and performance; queer ways of making work; queer theory and multimedia.


Questions may include:

  • How does queer theatre and performance interact with hegemonic cultural imaginaries and practice?
  • How might queer theatre and performance connect with other minoritarian practices?
  • How does queer work manage the relationship between acceptance and dissent within neo-liberal culture?
  • How might we begin to theorize queer audiences or fan bases, whether in community drama or musical theatre?
  • Must queer always be about undoing, or how can queer theatre and performance be seen to rehearse and produce alternative forms of relationality and community?
  • Is queer theatre and performance practice destined to resonate locally, or how might we think about global movements of this kind of work?


Alyson Campbell (Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne):

Fintan Walsh (Birkbeck, University of London):